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Click4Truth was created to empower you to find dependable, reliable, bible-based truth in a world full of lies and deceptions. Genuine God-inspired truth is found in God’s written Word, in the person of His divine+human only-begotten Son, and in the words of inspiration given by God to His humble servants in more modern times. Truth, as it is in Jesus, is rarely popular and is most often rejected by the majority. Click4Truth’s main goal is to share straight truth with you, regardless of its popularity or acceptance by the majority, so that you can keep yourself and your family safe in the troublous times in which we now live. Heaven-sent truth stands on its own and is self evident. In a world of lies and deceptions it is eternal truth that matters most. God-given truth will set you free and give you a real and lasting hope for the present and into the far distant ages of eternity. So, what are you waiting for? Click4Truth … by clicking on the links below. More important content will be added as time permits. May God guide you, day by day, as you dig deep into the precious mine of eternal, life-changing truth!

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